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Innovative technologies are developing so rapidly that kids are finding ways to use and abuse them faster than their parents and teachers can say OMG!  Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, blogging, texting, and gaming are changing the way kids interact with the world.  While these modern innovations are a welcome means of efficient communication, unfortunately they can also be tools for a new kind of bullying: cyber-bullying.  Now more than ever, our children need leadership and guidance from their parents and teachers in addressing the pros and cons of technology, but where do we begin?

Virtually Me! is the rockin’ new musical that will help parents and educators all across the country foster a new dialogue with their students about technology in a fun and entertaining way.  Appropriate for grades 4 – 9, this live musical production is filled with great characters, topical stories, cool songs, and high-energy choreography.

Desperate to stay in the loop 24/7, freshmen classmates Lindsay, Zeke, Jasper, and Chloe of Wi-Fi High (Willard Fillmore High School) are constantly “logged on.”

  • is all the rage at school, but when students start using it to make fun of people, suddenly Zeke finds himself mixed up in a cyber-bullying smear campaign that is hurtful to his friends and his reputation. Is Zekebook to blame?
  • OMG, the world is at Chloe’s fingertips…literally! While she is in the know 24/7, maybe Chloe should be studying for the upcoming Spanish exam instead of texting her friends about the latest gossip on Zekebook. When Principal Wiggins catches her texting during the exam and takes her phone away as punishment, will Chloe ever find another way to stay connected?
  • According to his Zekebook page, Jasper is best friends with Lady Gaga, he is a master singer-songwriter, and he has over 5000 friends. His page has totally impressed the super-popular Lindsay, but can the virtual Jasper keep Lindsay from finding out who he really is?
  • Speaking of Lindsay, just when Miss Freshman Queen’s popularity is peaking, the entire school targets her in a vicious cyber-bullying campaign that even her best friends didn’t see coming. Can Principal Wiggins bring order to the cyber-chaos at Wi-Fi High before something serious happens

Virtually Me! tackles the issues surrounding technology today in a fun and entertaining way, reminding us all that while these modern tools are totally awesome and keep us in the know, at the same time, they need to be used responsibly. After all, sometimes the most important part of logging on is knowing when to log off.

Virtually Me! will be launching its school year tour across the U.S. in performing arts venues and school auditoriums beginning this September. If you are interested in booking the production, please click on the Booking Info link for more information.

Photo by Aaron Epstein