Zeke comin’ at you from Baton Rouge!

Hey there, freakers!  It’s the Zekester himself comin’ at you from Baton Rouge!  We had an amazing time in Ocean Springs, MS!  Our three shows were packed with some pretty cool kids.  You guys rocked!!!  Thanks so much to everyone at the Mary C. O’Keefe Theater for being such rock stars!  The gang loved hanging out with you guys.
We packed up and headed over to Baton Rouge today… what a cool city!  Jasper snored the whole way over, but luckily he left all of his maps out and with some mad assistance from Chloe, we were able to navigate here just fine.  Our resident Fashionati Hottie, Lindsay, hit up some crazy stores today, while Chloe checked out some of the awesome historical sites Baton Rouge has to offer!
We are all very excited to perform our two shows here at the amazing Manship Theater!  Be sure to check in on our blog and keep up with our travels!  And using my mad technology skills I hooked us up with a crazy Twitter account!   Be sure to follow us @WiFiHigh and send some love our way!!!
See you at the show, freakers!

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Photo by Aaron Epstein