Chloe Comin’ Atcha

Dear Fellow Future Leaders of America!

I totally loved seeing you all at Hyde Park Baptist school- what an awesome audience! You b-ball players were super sweet to help us clear out of the gym before the basketball game. We stocked up on girl scout cookies, left Austin and spent a day in Houston. Some of our Virtually Me cast had a couple friends in town, performing a different show, “The Toxic Avenger.” We were excited to see the show, and also got a sneak peak tour backstage. I totally LOVED how the Toxic Avenger used his superhuman-sludge-slimy-strength to fight pollution!!!

We are back on the road today, heading to Louisiana for the night, then straight to Ocean Springs, Mississippi! Super stoked to have Jasper’s mad map reading skills on our side, without his cartographic love, we totally would’ve gotten lost!

Zeke totally hooked us up with a new way to update our tour life. Check out our tweets at for all our on-the-road updates.

Can’t wait to see y’all in Mississippi!


  1. christal garner
    Posted: Jan 29th, 2012

    Okay I was on of the girl at yaall play today represiting crestworth learning academy I like yall play it wus a gudd play but can yhu tell mhe wat the sercert that yall had postesd on zekebook

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Photo by Aaron Epstein