The Gang is Back!

Check it, Freakers -

The Virtually Me! gang is back in action!

September was a real busy month for us (especially for Lindsay with all those back-to-school fashion choices)!  We started rockin’ again in New York City at the Community Action School.  We had a blast performing here, and big props to all the kids who helped us out by making those totally awesome signs.  Be sure to check out our photo section to find you and your friends.

After New York, we hopped into our van an started the long drive to Florida.  Our first stop along the coast was Virginia.  Chloe was extra excited because we were so close to Washington D.C.  She even organized a cyber-UN meeting right from our hotel room!  Next, after a long day of driving, we ended up in Savannah, GA.  We found out that P-Wiggs has a secret love for peaches, so he was extra happy to be there and get his fill.  Finally, we go to the Sunshine state: Florida!  We drove right along the coast and Jasper though it was totally rad that he could stop for a swim whenever he wanted.

Once we got to West Palm Beach we performed for some seriously awesome audiences.  You guys are the best!  Also, big kudos to the Kravis Center for having us.

Now we are on are way back up the East coast.  We’re going to miss the sunshine and all of you guys who it was so great to meet.  To stay in on the action, be sure to check this blog for updates.

This is Zeke, signing off ~Later, Freakers!!!!

  1. Yahkiya
    Posted: Oct 15th, 2011

    Hey guys i was just at you show it was funny and fun everyone love you and when we got back at school everyone was talking about you. i think ill like to see you one more time before i go off to middle school i love you guys.i love it was funny. liezey and japer were fun thanks for coming to liverpool and i hope i can see on more.
    thanks for coming

  2. zack
    Posted: Oct 17th, 2011

    you guys rock and do it for an awesome cause bro you rock zeke.also the rest of the gang.PEACE

  3. Taylor Haag
    Posted: Oct 18th, 2011

    Hi . I seen your preformence and the Dubois Area Middle School today (10/18/11) and thought it was really amazin and pretty life-changin . Im one of those people who been cyber-bullyed in the past and it really isn’t fun . But like in your preformence the ones who hurt me because my bestfriends . The only difference is we didn’t start out as BestFriends soo it was kind of spectacular how it happend . Anyway , I hope you guys do this for a long time because it’s really amazin .
    Thank you for detacatin your time to preform(:

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