The Kentucky Fashion Splat Alert!

Hey Y’all! (That’s how you are greeted in Kentucky)! Short blog from me this week because I have to scoot and pull out ALL of my spring clothes!! So EXCITED!

The gang and I had such a fabulous time in Kentucky last week! We performed in Ashland, Glendale, and Elizabethtown.

I had never been to Kentucky and now I cannot wait to come back!

Diane, Aaron, Bart and the rest of the PAC staff were wonderful! We know that our time in Kentucky would not have been as much fun as it was if it weren’t for them, oh, and of course our audiences too! Thank you!

The gang and I are back in NYC now. It is nice to be home. Chloe-ball and I were able to see a musical on Broadway a few days ago! It was beautiful. The clothing was divalicious! You will find some of the best-dressed people on Broadway :)

We have been doing shows in Newburgh, New York and Perth Amboy, New Jersey this week.

Perth Amboy High School lets them take drama class! How neat is that!?

Fashion Tip of the Day: Remember that make-up is only there to enhance your natural beauty. Less is more. Don’t hide behind it. Let the world see the real you!

Oooh, I hear my shoes calling!!!

Later, Freakers!

XX Lindz

  1. Diana Francisco
    Posted: Feb 24th, 2011

    I’m from Perth Amboy High School and in total I’ve seen about twelve minutes of the show (I saw the end on the 23rd and the beginning on the 24th)and already I was hungry for more!Your show was well put together and I think you guys deserve more recognition.The message your play sends to the audience is clear and WOW….you’re pretty expressive for a group of college-goers!

  2. agent
    Posted: Feb 24th, 2011

    great show today guys ! loved it from Perth Amboy

  3. aleyna
    Posted: Feb 26th, 2011

    i loved your show from perth amboy high school with the cyber bullying!! but 2 things what do you guys like about acting and what are your real names then zeke,chloe,jasper and linsdey srry if i spelled anything wrong

  4. Danica
    Posted: Feb 27th, 2011

    wow the play really opened everyones eyes

  5. Lindsay
    Posted: Mar 14th, 2011

    Thanks for all your comments!

    Diana, we all left college with a passion for telling stories and revealing truths. I’m glad our shows message is clear, that means we are doing our jobs! Thanks!

    Aleyna, what I love about acting is the honesty. Truth be told, there is no “acting” in acting. You are able to gain knowledge about life and yourself. Also, the connection between actor/actor and actor/audience has the ability to heal and encourage. I truly love every second I am able to perform.

  6. jennifer cruz
    Posted: Apr 9th, 2011

    hi lindsay its jenifer and i like to say is i liked when u performed in the high school. it was amazing. well i have to go sooo byeee!!!!!!!!!

  7. Elian Martinez
    Posted: Apr 16th, 2011

    Wow guys, that was a great show you performed at the Perth Amboy High School.I’m from Perth Amboy, Robert N. Wilentz Elementary School.You guys really showed me what harm can cyber bullying do.Have a safe trip to other places.Oh, and do you get help because that was an amazing play.

  8. Marrissa
    Posted: Sep 28th, 2011

    Hi! Wow that was one of the best plays I’ve ever seen! It had a really strong meaning! I cant beleive you guys put that together so fast! It was really funny and lindsey was my favorite! (and Principle’s bald spot)

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Photo by Aaron Epstein