Perth Amboy High School in Perth Amboy, NJ

02.24.11 - Perth Amboy High School, Perth Amboy, NJ 3

  1. Imani
    Posted: Feb 25th, 2011

    Just by watching the play change my life. I used to be a a bully but now I know how that person feels. I shouldn’t do it that to anyone because I know I wouldn’t want anyone to do that to me.Thanks for the play because I really made a good choice because whatever I say or do I can’t take it back.

  2. oscar
    Posted: Feb 26th, 2011

    hey virtually me people,

    I was there and I like your acting you were so cool. I like all the chapters . I want to see you again. I like more zeke part and (tad!!!!!!!)hahaha thats funny when you say (hes tad) and he smile.

  3. daisy
    Posted: Feb 27th, 2011

    i was there in that show and it show me not to be mine to my friends

  4. Devin
    Posted: Mar 9th, 2011

    omg i was there it was so awesome the play ruled

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Photo by Aaron Epstein