Blogging ‘Bout Bluegrass (you’ve got to love alliteration)

Hey Freakers!

After spending an awesome weekend in NYC (love that place – so much cool stuff to do!) we’re back out on the road for more shows!  This time we’re excited to head to Kentucky, the “Bluegrass State.”

On our drive down Principal Wiggins kept talking about something called the Kentucky Derby, but none of us were sure if he was talking about the famous horse race or a new hat to cover his bald spot.  We’re also hoping to check out the Louisville Slugger Museum while we’re in town.  Tad needs to get a new practice bat – and like he says “Tad only uses the best baseball bats.  Tad has to practice.  Tad says later…”  (He’s Tad!)

Does anyone else have any suggestions on where to go in Kentucky?  Hit us back if you know of anywhere cool.

Keep it real, Freakers!

Zeke says later…

  1. peanutz
    Posted: Feb 15th, 2011

    I loved your show!!!!!!! It was really funny and i hope it helps with the cyber bulling problem! I think it will. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

  2. Megan
    Posted: Feb 15th, 2011

    Hey i live there!!!

  3. Mario
    Posted: Feb 23rd, 2011

    Hey Zeke I was at your presintation at the Perth mboy High Scoool today and loved your show I use my phone alot but I never hurt anyone with cyberspace.See you later

    Yours Truly,

    Mario A. Perez

  4. Taylor
    Posted: Feb 23rd, 2011

    Hi Zeke i just wated to say that you guys did a GREAT job on stage the other day i loved the play sooo much…I hope it will stop cyberbullying

    From:Taylor Makenzie!

  5. Zeke
    Posted: Feb 27th, 2011
    Author Comment

    Hey Freakers!

    It’s so awesome to hear that you guys not only liked the show, but also understood the importance of it. Cyberbullying (and actually ALL bullying) is something nobody should have to deal with.

    I’m glad we can count on you to help with our Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign!

    Don’t forget to be awesome!

    ~The Zekester

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