Florida is awesome!

Hey guys — Chlo-ball here!

I just finished a cyber UN meeting and I figured I would log in to give an update on the Wifi High Gang!

We just had two awesome shows over on the eastern side of Florida.  A big shout out to all the students at American Heritage School in Plantation, FL and Beth Am Day School in Miami!  We had a great time coming to your schools and we really enjoyed chatting with you after the performance :)

After one final show in FL tomorrow, we start heading back up north to our home base, New York City!  But, we do get to make a 3 day stop in Georgia, so we aren’t going back to the slushy snow and subzero temperatures quite yet ;)   When we leave GA, it is going to be a lot of driving.  But we are all up for the challenge, and plan to get some good grub (not involving brussel sprouts, OF COURSE) to keep us motivated!

Alright, its almost bedtime and I have a few texts to send (and just a few, I SWEAR!) before I drift off to sleep.  So this is Chloe, signing off!  Stay cool, freakers!


  1. kitty
    Posted: Feb 7th, 2011

    I just saw you show in Madison,GA!!!!!! It was great i really respect the ciber bulling!!!! G2G!!! Bye

  2. Kirk
    Posted: Feb 9th, 2011

    Blessed Sacrament School really enjoyed your performance, thanks for spreading the word!

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Photo by Aaron Epstein