Hey Dudes, it’s Jasper! I had such a sa-weet time hanging out with some really great dudes at The Grand Theater in Wasau, Wisconsin! Glad you guys got to watch the rise and fall of my online-self, WoofDawgSupreme. Take it from someone who knows: if you find yourself to be a tad geeky, that’s def alright, dudes! I myself happen to be quite the dork, which my friends and I believe is quite AWESOME! I’m not embarrassedĀ  to be myself, and if someone thinks that’s lame, it’s their prob, not mine. Can I get a “Wassup!?” from anyone else who is totally cool with being themselves (ESPECIALLY if they have a geeky side)!?

  1. Stephen
    Posted: Nov 13th, 2010

    Luv’d your musical. Jasper I didn’t think you were geeky at all. You were super cool, specially after you told Lindsay the truth. No sense hiding who you are. i think I’m a geek and i’m proud of it i tell ya! Lol! ;) When are you guys coming back to the Grand???

    p.s. P Wiggs, you need to get with the program dude. Paper brochures are sooooooo yesterday. Lol!

  2. bet365
    Posted: Nov 26th, 2010

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  3. Sacchan
    Posted: Feb 17th, 2011

    Hey guys!!! The date Is february 17th. You just came to my school today. I am sooo happy that I learned about cyber bullying and other dangerous things that could happen on the web. Now I am careful what I see and do on the Internet. You guys practically saved my life!!! I loved the show that you guys put on too. That was sooo cool!!! I liked how you made the l

  4. Sacchan
    Posted: Feb 17th, 2011

    Sorry! I accidentally hit the submit button! Anyways, I like how the lockers looked realistic! Awesome! Gosh, I loved the show!!! Thanks so much guys!!! ;)

  5. Kent Marazzi
    Posted: Apr 18th, 2011

    This is a really great blog. Thx to the auther

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Photo by Aaron Epstein