Long Time No Blog!

Hey Freakers,

Can you believe it’s November? I hope you all had a great Halloween! I’m blogging cuz there’s another article about us!

All of our audiences have been great the past few days. Thanks to Hyde Cultural Center in Woodstock, CT, Chelmsford Performing Arts Center in North Chelmsford, MA, and Colonial Theatre Association in Pittsfield, MA.

Keep it real yo!


  1. Katie Hedberg
    Posted: Nov 16th, 2010

    Today i saw the musical with my school and i loved it so much. It’s to bad there is cyber-bulling going on. Inccent people getting hurt online. Don’t lie on your account. Well good musical guys. GO KILLER APPS!!!

  2. jessica
    Posted: Feb 8th, 2011

    lindseys cloths are so cute i watched with my shool today pretty cool right? Look at how many people cam here to this site (15020) awsome right anyways lindseys dress was so cute!!!!!!!!!She ROCKS!!!!!!

  3. Pace
    Posted: Feb 12th, 2011

    yall were so good at blessed Sacermant i love virtrauly me because it teaches you a lesson and its a musical.

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