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Zeke’s website has everyone talking!

Who’s dating whom, what’s happening on and off the football field, and is any of it true?  The social networking site is all the rage at Wi-Fi High, but when students start using it to make fun of people, suddenly Zeke is mixed up in a cyber-bullying smear campaign that is hurtful to his friends and his reputation. Is Zekebook to blame?

Chloe is addicted to texting!

OMG, the world is at Chloe’s fingertips…literally! While she is in the know 24/7, maybe Chloe should be studying for the upcoming Spanish exam instead of texting her friends about the latest gossip on Zekebook. When Principal Wiggins catches her texting during the exam and takes her phone away as punishment, will Chloe ever find another way to stay connected?

Jasper + Zekebook = A whole new Jasper

According to his Zekebook page, Jasper is best friends with Lady Gaga, he is a master singer-songwriter, and he has over 5000 friends. His page has totally impressed the super-popular Lindsay, but can the virtual Jasper keep Lindsay from finding out who he really is?

Photo by Aaron Epstein